Thursday, February 2, 2023

A Random Act of Journalism

Chief January 6th Investigator Makes Shocking Admissions,
and Committee Members Covered Them Up

NBC News, accidentally I'm sure, committed a random act of journalism on Tuesday, interviewing the Chief January 6th Investigator for the January 6th committee, Tim Heaphy.  What Heaphy revealed to Lester Holt may be the most significant admission regarding January 6th since the event took place.

Previously, surveillance videos had shone how complicated and confusing the situation was. But according to Heaphy, the attack was preventable before the first person stepped foot on the Capitol grounds.

Heaphy reveals that the intelligence prior to January 6th "was direct and not ambiguous". The FBI knew that people were going to attempt to get inside the Capitol Building.  Instead of trying to prevent the attack, recent revelations showed that the FBI played along, having informants within the Proud Boys organization.

According to Holt, committee members like Liz Cheney and Adam Schiff purposely suppressed that damning information in the final report in order to keep the focus solely on Donald Trump.

In other words, the committee covered the corrupt FBI's ass, put politics above exposing the intentional failures of federal law enforcement who could have prevented the whole thing.  

The Jan 6 Final Report is a sham.

Committee members actively covered up the information in order to continue their partisan pursuit of Trump. - READ MORE

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