Tuesday, March 7, 2023

A Study in Projection by a Master.

Dear Ms. Goldberg Johnson. The left invented the term 'Woke'. Projecting it onto people critical of your worldview is typical of 'The View' M.O.  There are to this day nasty leftist websites as well as streaming sites run by domestic terrorist sympathizers with 'WOKE' in their domain names. Google it you nasty bint. 

Whoopi cheers erasing history she’s not in tune with. One wonders if Goldberg will be so pleased when the calls come to take down statues of Martin Luther King and remove his name from roads and schools. After all, like her argument with Lincoln, ‘he’s really not in tune with where we are as a nation’ since, by 2023 standards, he was homophobic and transphobic.

[Washington Exam.]

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