Tuesday, March 21, 2023

So There’s This Big Rumor Going Around....

.....a rumor DJT is gonna be arrested. I really don’t know all the specifics and I do not care.

This nakedly political oppression under the color of law is just another step in a long series of abuses and usurpations. We see it every day, especially on days close to an election. But really, it’s everywhere, every day. Sometime just lurking in the darkness. 

I don’t know what will happen. Maybe these headlines get packed away in a box to be deployed at a later date. Maybe there’s just some paper moved. I can’t imagine a perp-walk. And anyway, I don’t know what I’ll do. Probably nothing. Maybe something.

Say what you will about Trump, how much you don’t like him, the charges are valid, and there’s this tape you see….. whatever. Democrats do not get so much as threatened with anything, whereas Republicans get impeached, investigated, and prosecuted. I do not care about the specifics. It’s the pattern which matters, and which is undeniable.

I don’t expect to convince anybody of anything — I’m hardly convinced myself — and I certainly won’t begrudge the RTs and the NTs their reluctance to get worked up over this on the particulars. The pattern, however, is probably where we will find more common ground on the right. 

The knob on an awful machine is set for DJT. Do they dare fire it?

Regrettable conflict have started for reasons less directly, less visibly, less obviously a casus belli. We may be in the early throes of the collapse of what has been called “the everything bubble” for the last decade. Bad time to strike a match.

~Thank You Gator Doug @the Daily Gator for the Linkage! ~

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