Thursday, July 27, 2023

Just Throwing It Out There........

The English Tudors, with their characteristic Machiavellian insights and methods, implemented a strategy in Celtic Ulster called “surrender and regrant.” In theory, the King of All England had title to all of Ireland pursuant to papal decree and the invention of a “Kingdom of Ireland” as part of the English royal title. Most of Ireland was already occupied by an Anglo-Norman aristocracy. However, Ulster had never been fully subjugated in the 400 years since some guy named Norman invaded in the twelfth century. The Tudors increased military presence in Ireland but recognized that full conquest would be costly and difficult.

So old Henry VIII’s people concocted an “offer that cannot be refused.” The landholders and clan chieftains were offered this deal -  Renounce all rights and claims under your inheritance under Celtic tradition and law and instead recognize the claim of the King of England. In return, the King will make you the earl or whatever of your current holdings. You get to keep everything with the sole proviso that it is conditional on your continued loyalty. Refuse, and sometime soon English soldiers will see to it that somebody else owns these properties.

It occurred to me that an analogous approach should be taken to reform the corrupt FBI.

Even if there were a 2024 election mandate to clean house, trying to seek out and fire the corrupt, politicized weasels responsible for hustling the “Russiagate” dossier, for lying about the Hunter Biden laptop, and for participating in the outrageous censorship campaigns would be inherently difficult because (1) there is not enough leverage to compel the truth from “Deep State” burrows and (2) civil service employment protections establish other barriers. Even with a reformed DOJ and honest FBI leadership, most of the wrong-doers will escape and go on to collect their pensions, then gigs on MSNBC.

So, following the model of Henry, a proposed solution in two steps. First, abolish the existing FBI in its entirety. At the exact same time, create a new agency (“FBI-2”) with a really cool new logo, with almost exactly the same functions, authorizations, and budget BUT an express prohibition against hiring anyone who was involved in or fails to disclose, cooperate or fully testify regarding certain enumerated abuses. So, all the field agents, technicians, actual caped crime fighters and clerical staff would be almost instantly rehired but the rats’ nest would be eliminated. Employment will be contingent on loyalty to FBI-2 with their cool new windbreakers with cool new logo, instead of to the old FBI. The incentives would be reversed and the testimony and documentary evidence could flow freely. Surrender loyalty to a corrupt agency and be regranted employment in a reformed one.

Other well known Tudor practices such as beheading might also appear to be salutary, but are barred by law and prudence–unless the election mandate is really large, of course.

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