Sunday, September 10, 2023

Can This Snaggletoothed Ole Radical Help Send Biden To Happy Acres Where He Belongs?

Professor Cornel West

Polls showing Joe Biden tied or trailing several Republican candidates have given some dem voters and his far left handlers 'The Vapors', fearful a third-party candidate “stealing” a victory in 2024. A semi-potent third-party candidate could be the difference in winning states like Georgia, Arizona, or even Florida. And now new polling is exacerbating unease that a favorite of black radicals and other far left loonies, wacko Professor Cornel West, could end up being a spoiler for Biden. 

West, a very articulate voice for adolescent marxist, who once called Barky Obama a "Rockefeller Republican in blackface" is now making the rounds and planning to run as the 'Green Party' candidate. The Green Party leans heavily to the left and is most recently remembered for the uproar it caused in 2016 when outsider Jill Stein ran as the party’s choice. Her bid caused what some Democrats saw as a nonviable alternative to Ma Clinton, and helped aid a DJT victory in some states.

The 'Greenies' as they call themselves, are mostly young or those souls that never made it through the 60's-70s' with their senses intact.  67 percent of voters who identify as demos or lean left said that they’d prefer someone else other than Rambling Joe. At the same time, just as many voters believe Biden will ultimately nab the nomination, creating a difficult time for those trying to prop up an unpopular president. 

And with polls suggesting Biden is losing to a second tier Repub. candidate like Nikki Haley, I'd be be nervous about that Snaggletooth Marxist myself.

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