Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Fabulous Mid Week Irredeemable Big Ass Open Thread.

Biden's Entire Presidency In One Picture

As your Beloved Blog Edtrix,who loves each and every one of you, I'm very interested in your thoughts on the recent further descent into chaos we are witnessing.

Like your thoughts on the recent rash of political persecutions and their uncouth prosecutor's near gestapo tactics. Or things like the toxic burning landfill we call the United States Congress and their playgound fistfights, worth of a pair of second year 5th graders. Or maybe thoughts on this semi lucid fool with one foot in the grave who continues to burn piles of taxpayer cash on behalf deadbeat loan borrowers and corrupt foreign countries while importing the entire third world, all while Americans struggle.  Or maybe thoughts on whether Your Beloved Blog Edtrix should win a Nobel for outstanding research on breeding & weaponization of small amphibians for world domination use in difficult land warfare. Or maybe your thoughts on whether it should be a nice Pinot or a Merlot for Saturday's dinner party?

You know the ground rules. The floor is yours.......

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