Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Reheated..... Deep State Plot: Billy Idol Just Became a US Citizen.

Today is a Travel Day. So in the meantime, till I have motivation, enjoy this timely reheated post from 'Great Moments in History': 
Billy Idol Just Became a US Citizen. Do You Know What This Means?
We Will Now Be Inundated With Holiday Music From Hell:
Billy Idol sings ‘White Christmas’

Doc Marten meets Dean Martin in Billy Idol’s plodding version of 'White Christmas,' which has all the appeal of a Christmas stocking full of steaming reindeer turds. The musicians backing him sound like a German wedding band after an afternoon of knocking back steins of Hefeweizen at the local beer garden. As the saying goes, 'It don’t mean a thing if ain't got that swing', and these cats couldn't swing if they were hanging from a lamp post in a hurricane. It is enough to make Santa slit his wrists with a rusty razor blade.

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