Tuesday, January 2, 2024

You Won’t Hear Biden Bragging About This

America oil companies are producing a larger amount oil than the country ever has. The flow of huge amounts of crude from American producers is playing a big role in keeping prices down at the pump, diminishing the geopolitical power of OPEC, and somewhat taming inflation. 

The politics of oil are particularly tricky for Democrats, whose chances for victory in the 2024 could hinge on whether young, soft skull climate-conscious voters, who have already had the smoke of college loan forgiveness blown up their asses, actually come out in big numbers. 

This production is happening despite the Biden Administration's hatred of fossil fuels, except that their hatred of fossil fuels is overwhelmed by their instinct for self preservation at the polls. 

A note in passing:
"The FBI needs to investigate the crime that happened Monday night in Pasadena, California — a case of identity theft, in which a group of young men claiming to be the University of Alabama football team perpetrated an implausible impersonation of the Crimson Tide. The fraudulent “football team” that took the field at the Rose Bowl looked nothing like the mighty Crimson Tide, which had defeated the defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs 27-24 to win the SEC title. 
The criminal conspiracy resulted in Michigan scoring a touchdown that tied the game at 20, requiring overtime (and also requiring me to order another Yuengling, on advice from my Samoan attorney) during which the San Andreas Fault suddenly erupted in a cataclysmic earthquake and the entire state of California collapsed into the Pacific Ocean. 
Wait a minute. Let me check my notes . . . 
No, the cataclysmic earthquake was what I wished would have happened, instead of what actually did happen".....Robert Stacy McCain


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