Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Joe vs. The Teleprompter

For the first couple of years of his occupation of the oval office, Biden could at least be prepped to handle a few minutes with a teleprompter. That's out the window now. Yeah, they got him pumped full of enough stimulants to yell his way through the State of the Union address, but that was a one-off.  Since then, the 'prompter has been kicking his presidential butt. He can almost make Al Sharpton's epic battles with the teleprompter look like just minor skirmishes.

The slobbering media tongue bather corps can't really keep ignoring that their standard-bearer is a slurring, babbling idiot. "It's just a childhood stutter, folks," which is the go-to excuse whenever Biden mangles his native tongue. Find me one video of Joe as a Senator stuttering. I've never seen one. Not even in the last debate with DJT in 2020.

The Democrats' flying monkeys in the mainstream media also continue to gloss over Biden's plentiful lies. They have finally allowed themselves admit that he's old, but these monumental screw-ups don't get reported on. They're in full cheerleader mode trying to drag his rotting ass over the finish line in November.

Why Biden's handlers haven't switched into basement campaign mode yet is beyond me. It's mystifying that they think there is any upside to his public appearances. The MSM hacks like to say he is "fiery" when he manages to rant for a minute or two. He really just keeps coming off as a crazy old man like he did at Morehouse College and the NAACP last week. They know he can't make another 4 years....but then again, maybe that's been the plan all along. Next up.......You Know Who. 

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