Saturday, June 8, 2024

Dancing Madly Backwards

What we are seeing today in America is akin to "old money" but in politics: those who didn't create the system and who don't understand the system violate the rules because they have no clue of the consequences. Me see. Me want. Me do. This can alternatively be seen as: (a) return to primal/primitive thinking caused by declining education standards, radicals teaching hateful revolutionary politics for 50 years, and social media distractions causing widespread stupidity, or (b) replacing the complex government model of the constitution / representative democracy with a simple traditional government model with tribal / strongman / mob rule.

Complex European and Asian economies rely on complex mental models and the large majority must accept standard "rules of the road." Those societal segments who wish to withdraw will either (a) create mini South African-style enclaves such as blue cities today, or (b) be suppressed over a couple generations by dominant mainstream views. The USA routinely crushed those who disagreed until the 1960s. Now we've got an experiment in developed world techno-anarchy in progress. The rhetoric along with the lawfare has been turned past eleven. We're definitely in post-Spinal Tap territory now. God help the Republic.

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