Thursday, June 6, 2024

Let us all beseech the blessings of the Almighty upon this great and noble undertaking.

One afternoon in late June 1944 Alida Cherry answered a knock at her door. The postman, who it was his habit of personally handing any correspondence from service personnel overseas to the intended recipient if possible, handed her a small envelope.  I've been told that's the way America was back then.  Enclosed were two messages for her, one inside the other.  The first was a note confirming all was well, reaffirming the love for his bride of such a short time and assuring that he would soon return to her.

The second was this.  Handed him paperclipped to further orders in the wee hours of June 6th as he arrived for duty at Military Police Headquarters: 


 And as I can attest, my Maternal Grandfather did return safely to his bride Alida. 

There are few left who sacrificed in those times and changed the course of history. Few left to teach us the lessons we need to hear. Few left to lean in and look us straight in the eyes as we contemplate our country and our turbulent times and ask us, Is it Worth It? 

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