Thursday, June 13, 2024

Yeah, They're Among Us. Just Look Around.

Harvard Study: Aliens Might Be Living Among Us Disguised As Humans.

A new science paper from Sci fi Eggheads at Harvard suggests extraterrestrials could be walking among us, or be living underground or in a base inside the Moon. The study by Harvard University’s Human Flourishing program further puts forward the idea that UFOs could also be spaceships visiting their Earth-based alien friends (or maybe just for the women and the weed).

The study was created to offer an alternate “unconventional” explanation for UFO sightings and to hypothesize what they might mean. 

The paper reads: 
“The author became increasingly aware of the depth of evidence and theory that also tentatively supports another ultraterrestrial explanation: the “cryptoterrestrial” hypothesis (CTH) – our focus here – which holds that UFO's may reflect activities of Space Aliens concealed here on Earth (e.g., underground) and its environs.”
Aliens could be disguising themselves as humans to fit in, may have come from Earth’s future or might have descended from intelligent dinosaurs. Or maybe we are tasty and just the menu for space alien date nights?

We here at DMF/MFNS are leaning hard toward agreeing with the Harvard dudes that aliens may indeed walk among us and have been for quite awhile.   Our evidence you ask?

Let's take a look shall we..........

Exhibit #1 

Exhibit #2

We Rest Our Case. 
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