Thursday, July 11, 2024

'Flaps' Abrams Throws Her Weight Behind Biden

Y'all remember Tank Abrams, the rotund, notied election denier, Governor of Georgia in exile, the Mother Teresa of Georgia's inbreed democrats, author of naughty erotic novellas and would be Vice President, has thrown her substantial tonnage behind the well meaning elderly man with a bad habit of lying about almost anything, by announcing it’s time y'all stop dissing Joe Biden with the doom loop.
In an op-ed written in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Abrams wrote that it was “crucial” for Democrats to “continue to support” Biden and that voters should “ignore” the “doom loop” that has overtaken the news cycle. “Let’s be clear,” Abrams wrote. “The wishful benefits of a contested convention or a late-stage exit are vastly outweighed by the potential harm. Our path to victory lies in standing by Biden and understanding the high stakes of this erection.
Abrams’ op-ed comes as Biden has faced his fearest pressure from his own backstabbing party and it's moneybags for him to withdraw from the race after his mumbling rest home resident debate performance against Trump. She went on to to slam DJT, spewing the the dem's top shelf, first line propaganda claiming that DJT “has made clear his plans to be a ‘Dictator on Day 1,” and that he had “openly called for the termination of our Constitution.”

Seems Tank hasn't read the room very well betting on a blind three legged horse.  The Black community is seeing the light and even her big ass can't plug that hole.  Or maybe she did read it and she is just trying to stay relevant......between meals.

[DMF Institute for the Study of Mental Defective Progressives]

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