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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fuzzy's Best of 2011

Outside some well known conservative blog writers  out there these days, there are only a few I really admire. One for sure are the writings of "She of the Fuzzy Slippers", and her blog Fuzzy Logic.

Hers, being one of the first blogs I started reading early on, was a major influence in the start up and original serious content of Diogenes Middle finger (she holds no responsibility for it's insane direction since). A recovering liberal like myself, her  patriotic views, staunch support of the Tea Party, her no nonsense politics and well thought out positions on matters make it worth your visits to hear what she has to say. How her words have not caught the eyes of some of the more known bloggers is beyond me, and I hope that changes in the future. Give Fuzzy a visit and see what I believe is one of the more interesting Lady bloggers I've found to date. (and forgive me for not commenting more often, Fuzzy).
Below is a link to her most recent year end best of Fuzzy -

Fuzzy's Fab Five of 2011:
"It's that time again, so without further ado, here are the top Fuzzy Logic posts from 2011.........."