Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity??

Posted by Diogenes Sarcastica

Billed this weekend as "the rally for the people who've been too busy to go to rallies", comedian Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity"  is to provide an arena for voices to be heard above what Stewart describes as "the more vocal and extreme 15–20 percent" of Americans who control the conversation of politics in the U.S.....

This from Bloomberg:
"Democrats are looking to a pair of comedians to do what President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton and dozens of other leaders haven’t done yet this election season: Get party members excited about voting. Comedy Central television hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert expect tens of thousands of fans to join them at the “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington Oct. 30, three days before congressional elections."
"Stewart is promoting the rally as a “million moderate march” to counter what he calls extreme rhetoric dominating the national political discussion.  Media experts say that just as fans rely on Stewart’s and Colbert’s “fake news” shows for real information, they view the rally as an actual political event."

When first announced, the democrats criticized Stewart for holding the Rally the weekend before the mid-term election as a stunt that could possible hurt democrat candidates by mocking their governance.
Stewart's response: "Suck It".

But everyone knows Stewart's political leanings, and he can't hide behind his comedy persona this time. What started out as a stunt, is now really an event to garner enthusiasm to vote for dems from Stewart's easily led and mostly political ignorant audience.

Million Moderate March? I don't think so!
On an appearance on The Daily Show recently, Zsa Zsa Huffington announced her leftist rag "The Huffington Post" would provide buses for as many people as need them and who show up at the New York City offices. Oprah Winfrey appeared on The Daily Show and gave the attending audience all free airline tickets to the rally in the same fashion as she would give away secret prizes to her own audience members.  Stephen Colbert did the same on his own show. S.E.I.U. members are all encouraged to attend, it's not known if they are encourage to bring baseball bats or not. But dems penning any hopes of help in the upcoming election from Stewart's audience just seems silly. Most are more worried about the quality of their weed than Nov. 2nd.

But, it will be interesting to see if the whole thing degenerates into a comedy retinue, much like the watching Joe Biden.

Billing this as an event of/for moderates.....regaining sanity in Government?

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