Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's move on from this Charlie Sheen story. It's distracting us from learning about even crazier celebrities.

Useful Idiot and Hugo Chavez tool, Sean Penn
"In his own idiotic way Sean Penn is pulling his international version of Charlie Sheen, but without the panache or the humor....."
Yeah, remember crazyass Venezuelan dictator ass kisser / academy award winner Sean Penn, and his great performance portraying an idiot (not a real big stretch there) who once said Journalists who call Hugo Chávez a dictator should be jailed and Penn's critics should die screaming of rectal cancer. Well he has now teamed up with his pal......yeah, you guessed it, Charlie Sheen, and is gonna take him back down to Haiti to do some charity work. 

That's exactly what an earthquake and cholera ridden island needs is a manic, ranting, coked-out millionaire TV star down there furthering his self-destructive publicity stunt!  

But, dragging crazy Charlie around will get you back into the news, 
eh Sean?


  1. My first thought is that the two of them going down to Haiti would be like the blind leading the blind. But, upon reflection, I don't want to insult anyone who is blind, has a brain and can, figuratively speaking, "see" through these two self absorbed, if not narcissistic, fools.

  2. Sounds more like "Dumb and Dumber" to me

  3. The rescue mission look is something he picked up in Venezuela as solidarity with 'the people'.

  4. Sean Penn has daddy issues because his father, Leo Penn, was blacklisted in Hollywood during the McCarthy era. I mention in passing that Leo Penn was a Stalin apologist. You know Stalin? The guy who was a genocidal, ethnic cleansing maniac? Yea, him. Anyway to Sean the fact that his father's professional opportunities were lessened due to being one of Stalin's useful idiots makes his father noble, heroic, or something.

    Speaking of daddy issues, Dinesh D'Souza in "Roots of Obama's Rage" makes an interesting case that Obama learned to deal with his abandonment by his father by elevating and exaggerating the importance of his father and those causes espoused by his father. In D'Souza's opinion, Obama has wholeheartedly embraced his father's now-outdated anti-colonialism. Obama's not just concerned with re-distributing wealth within this country; since Obama regards the U.S. as being the most imperial power on earth, he wants to "re-distribute" American wealth to colonially repressed nations, such as Brasil. So that's why Obama won't let people drill for oil off-shore here, but instead is having America financially back drilling off the shore of Brazil and pleading to be the Brazilian oil industry's biggest customer. And it's why he supports the U.S. paying huge sums of money to developing nations to make up for the so-called harm the U.S. has done to them by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It's also why he went on his global apology tour. And it's why he wants someone else, not the U.S., to say what the objectives are in the Libyan military adventure. He wants us to cease being the world's foremost imperial power, and to do that we have to stop setting the agenda for the world... we have to stop being "Leader of the Free World". Although I agree that Obama over analyzes and is indecisive, I also think he wants the U.S. to step out of the limelight so that other nations... nations that are just as exceptional as our nation... can have a deciding voice in world affairs. What most sane people would regard as the creation of a "power vacuum", Obama sees as a positive good. Shudder...

  5. publicity stunt? Hardly. More likely that Penn figured getting Charlie out to try to help some people other than himself would do him so good and i agree. Very easy to just sit back on the 'net and judge those around you. Much more effort to actually get out there and do something constructive yourself. Anyway, back to the judging ...