Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caption Contest Winners......

The results are in from the Diogenes/IOTW Caption Contest

After much drinking and broken furniture, the panel of judges failed to come to agreement and fled across the Texas state line to keep from choosing the winner, thus leaving the important decision to me. 
So here are the results...... 

*A special award - the Eunice Kennedy Shriver "Atta Boy" award goes to my fellow Evil Conservative Comrade Burr, for actually posting his entries as links to the picture.  

Here are the Honorable Mentions - all excellent in their own right. 
* The Apollo Presents: The First Black President!

* The International Dry Cleaners’ Roast - Commisar Abe

* Bachelor #3, you must get back behind the screen - Yowsa

* Branch Davidian Waco Reunion - Chalupa

*One Night Only! The Dem Girls in:
  “Pants Suits & Boob Belts” -

*Free Breast Exams - I'm Palin's Huckleberry (readers choice) 

Second Runner up:
Tiny Headed Newt Gingrich look-alike Competition - BigFurHat 

 Runner up:
IAPF Conference (International Association of Performance Felatio) Technical Proficiency Workshop - Grandpa

And The Winner Is.....
Visions in Blue Velvet - 150th Annual Chappaqua DĂ©butantes Autumn Tea & Dance”  -  Poisontolibs

Thank You IOTW for Hosting

Ol' Joe knows! 



  1. Wow, That's a great website! I'm going back.

  2. Nuts! I missed the contest.

  3. Thanks, Mary.
    I was hoping you'd show up for the contest with your usual extraordinary wit.

  4. Thank you poisontolibs, for a very funny take on that picture

  5. Damn Toots, I missed the contest too!
    Gotta give up the naked skydiveing and stay home more often!