Monday, March 26, 2012

Bizarre Squared

From Fuzzy Logic
"We saw the venom spewed when Andrew Breitbart died, every time Dick Cheney has a health scare (or heart transplant), and every time something violent happens (such as the Arizona shooting and the more recent Florida shooting): leftists are filled to the very brim with the most putrid hatred imaginable. They curse, they swear, they blame, they agitate violence, they make rape and death threats, they put bounties on people's heads (including making Wanted Dead or Alive posters that were initially used to mock President Bush but now seem like a great idea. Somehow), they call for the murder of policemen . . . you name it, if it's repellent and evil, the far left says and does it. Publicly and with absolutely no self-reflection, filtering, or chagrin. They're proud to be irredeemably reprehensible and tell themselves it's okay because they're the "compassionate" ones. Unreal."  
"Being a leftist means being totally exempt from their own phony standards (does anyone really buy all the faux "outrage" anymore? I know I don't.). We know this, but what's amazing to me is that they don't even see it. They somehow manage to justify calling for the murder of innocent people as . . . what? I honestly don't know. It's impossible for me to even begin to understand this warped mindset. But it is one that is certainly shared with their Dear Leader, a man who makes enemies lists, attempts to shut down opposing viewpoints, and has a policy of "rewarding his friends and punishing his enemies."  
"They're being led by the Pied Piper of evil, and most of them love it, being rather evil themselves, they strut along proudly behind their false messiah (Mmm, mmm, mmm!) and support policies that not only blatantly destroy our country but that enslave the very people they claim to want to help. However, there are those among them, or seemed to be in the Twitter game, who seem genuinely duped. It's these people we may be able to reach and shake from their slumber."
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