Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keith Olbermann's New Venture

From the Dregs of the Vintage Media
Keith Rises Again


  1. Olbermoron has never looked so good...kinda looks a little like Barney Frank in that photo.

  2. And my south shall never rise again :-(

    Great work! I shared at TLS.


  3. Quit picking on Olbermann. He is obviously suffering from a chronic brain injury. I have it on good authority that he took a 100 mph fast ball to the head while covering a spring training game early in his sports reporting career. That would certainly account for his intellectual deficits. Okay, not really. He's just a mean spirited, hateful person with an unexplainable ego the size of Manhattan and a ton of anger management issues he has never addressed through professional psycho therapy. And, he's a bed wetter.