Friday, May 11, 2012

Giving Up on Conservatism

Euripides Throws in the Towel.....Kinda
By Euripides@Self Evident Truths

I give up. I'm tired of defending conservatism, so I've decided to give it up in favor of becoming a liberal.

Let's face it, being a modern liberal is a lot easier than defending the Constitution, social institutions, religion, or capitalism. It's also a lot easier to give in to an ideology where I no longer have to be responsible for my actions or my decisions, since, if they agree with liberalism, that is all that really matters. It's much easier to believe what I'm told to believe and to do what I'm told to do. Personal responsibility is so freeing. Plus, there are many benefits to becoming a liberal:

1) No matter how dumb I may sound, other liberals, and especially the media will never question my intelligence.

2) I can now claim group status with any oppressed group I want to, and gain government benefits and entitlements just by virtue of my claim. I can also say whatever I want to about my chosen group and be treated as if I were a spokesman, er, spokesperson for all. Anyone who disagrees with my status in the group is a racist.

3) I no longer have to give to charity, saving myself a lot of money in the process, as I can now just tell rich people to pay more taxes to support government programs that will benefit me. Hence, I can feel compassionate and superior without really having to do anything myself.

 4) I can now take the moral high ground on every issue by telling anyone who disagrees with me that he or she is a racist......."
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