Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Finding Out if Your Potential Employee is an Ex-con is Now Considered Racist.....

This Government has gone Slap-Ass Crazy
Attorney General Eric Holder - Hopefully in Position to Fail Criminal Background Check Soon 
WSJ - Federal regulators Tuesday accused two large employers of improperly using criminal-background checks in hiring, the latest salvo in a contentious debate over whether such screening amounts to discrimination against black applicants.
In complaints filed in federal courts in Illinois and South Carolina, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said two companies discount retailer Dollar General Corp.and a U.S. unit of German auto maker BMW ,generally barred potential employees based on the criminal checks, when they should have reviewed each applicant. The commission said the policies had the effect of discriminating against black applicants......"
Ms. Moore said rules concerning criminal-background checks are particularly important because blacks are convicted of crimes more often than whites. According to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, black men were incarcerated in 2010 at more than six times the rate of white men and nearly three times the rate of Hispanic men.
Mr. Lopez, the EEOC general counsel, said the Dollar General and BMW cases are "very serious systemic race discrimination cases." At both companies, the EEOC cited statistical disparities in the hiring rates of blacks and nonblacks after the companies ran criminal-background checks....."
Dollar General said it "prohibits discrimination in its hiring and employment practices." The retailer said its criminal background checks are "structured to foster a safe and healthy environment for its employees, its customers, and to protect its assets in a lawful, reasonable and nondiscriminatory manner."
At BMW, the EEOC alleges that the auto maker hired a new logistics contractor at its Spartanburg, S.C., assembly plant in 2008, and required 645 employees of the prior contractor to undergo a new criminal background check. Of those, 55% were black; but 80% of the 88 terminated employees were black. Some of the dismissed employees had worked for various contractors at the BMW plant for as long as 14 years. BMW employs 9,000 people in the U.S.

As stated in the story above, business owners have the right to protect their assets, employees and customers. No one I know of in this day and age denies employment because of skin color or national origin, those are not choices. But as an adult, if you make the choice to molest children , steal or jack convenience stores on Saturday nights for fun and profit, don't come to my window and then cry because I won't hire you no matter what you look like. And the government shouldn't be telling me otherwise!


  1. Holder recently testified before Congress that he won't be stepping down because he still has 'things left to do'. This one of those things.

  2. I watched this kind of garbage in the schools where students' records could not be used to determine an ongoing pattern of inappropriate behavior. In other words, every year was a new life. A kid suspended the previous year for assault could not have that assault taken into consideration in the next school year in determining how he should be disciplined for a new assault. When more than 60% of students suspended from schools are Black and they comprise only 20% of the population it is called disproportionality. The fact that those suspended are disciplined for very real and serious crimes is not allowed into evidence. It is simply the "fact" that the system is racist.
    I watched this particular line of Bullsh*t evolve over the 45 years that I taught. The worst behaviors were excused or downplayed to reduce disproportionality. We now have in the White House an administration which is largely made up of people who believe that they have an entitlement to do anything they want without fear of reprisal because any reprisal can only be motivated by racism. This is the world our schools are creating, and now companies will be forced to hire Black criminals because they were only criminals because the system is racist.
    Got it?

  3. The idea is to run all businesses out of business to make everyone dependent on Government.