Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Could a Beaten Weiner Still Become a Star?

Seems the Anthony Weiner for Mayor troops are making a film of the walking scandal sheet for a possible last ditch appeal in final stretch of the campaign. The New York Post reported that MTV filmmaker Josh Kreigman, who worked as Weiner’s congressional aide, has been following the candidate around, filming and recording every step of the way. 

If all else fails and he whithers in defeat, who knows, they could submit it as a resume' to ...oh.... maybe MSNBC. After all, if they would consider giving airtime to a over inflated testicle like Alec Baldwin, why not a world class dick like Anthony Weiner?  He'd fit right in with the rest of those freaks.

At the Dominican Day Parade Sunday,
Weiner waived a big flag and dashed around
shouting,“Viva la Republica Dominicana!”
NYP - Even if he doesn’t make it to Gracie Mansion, the mayor wannabe could star in a documentary film about his headline-grabbing campaign.

The Post spied MTV filmmaker Josh Kriegman — who is also Weiner’s former congressional district director — filming his every last word on the campaign trail recently. He’s often seen riding with Weiner, and a black mike box has been in Weiner’s back pants pocket for at least two weeks.

Camp Weiner would only say the recording is not for a television commercial — the first of which is slated to air on Monday. The $500,000 pitch follows his recent poll-number plunge in the wake of new revelations about his sexting habit, according to sources. Kriegman does not appear anywhere on Weiner’s recent campaign filings, though he worked for him as recently as 2005. “He appears to be with [Weiner] all the time. He’s been at retail stops, street fairs, forums. I bet he has amazing footage from the past couple months,” said one observer, who is often at multi-candidate events.

The responses to Weiner on the campaign trail have ranged from celebrity-spotting-like squealing to profane heckling."

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