Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kim Kardashian Busts One for Mandela

NEWSLO / LOS ANGELES – Television personality Kim Kardashian today commemorated the death of Nelson Mandela by tweeting a “selfie” featuring herself posing with a picture of the former iconic South African president and activist.

Kardashian, present baby momma of rapper Kanye West explained that she was “representin’” and would “pour one out” for Mandela, her “BFF [best friend forever].”

“Never met NM,” Kardashian tweeted. “But were a kindred spirit . We both dedicated our lives to makin’ this a better world.”

Kardashian, reached for comment, explained that “Mandela worked against racism and whatnot, whereas I’ve introduced four different perfume fragrances, which has most definitely made the world smell better, at least. Want ta smell me?"

In the hours following Mandela’s death, the internet was awash with “selfies” featuring celebrities posing with the former president—a form of tribute that experts say would have “totally freaking confused” Mandela, who was 95 years old.

“Nelson, you were the cutest!” tweeted Miley Cyrus with her own selfie. “God bless you for freeing all the slaves.”  
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