Friday, April 25, 2014

MSNBC Plans “Take Your Barack Obama Blow Up Doll to Work Day”

(MFNS) - With the growing popularity of  'Take Your Child to Work Day' at the NBC network, not to be out done, their annoying and embarrassing step-sister MSNBC said today that Friday, May 2nd will be their first annual 'Take Your Barack Obama Blow Up Sex Doll to Work Day.' 

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Chris Matthews said "the MSNBC Network understands the fascination, adoration, and lustful feelings that their employees here have for President Obama and wish to cultivate and further develop those emotions. We feel that this day will contribute to better employee relations and and a greater spirit of cooperation and acceptance among the staff and management here.

Matthews admitted that he often keeps a spare Barack Obama blow up doll in the filing cabinet in his office and that “I probably wear out at least two or three a year, but they are tax deducible. We all bend over for him on the air as a part of our job.”

Special  Ed Shultz, elated and overcome with joy told us "you can't call me a racist because I was the first to bring my doll to work back in '09. Everyone is just following my lead. Now get the #&?$% off my set!"

Rickey Maddow, the gender confused MSNBC anchorperson said that "Yes, I'm participating... I'm playing it straight for the Barack Obama Sex Doll Day…..I'll take a big one for the team."  The Rev. Al Sharpton told us "Like most of the guys here, Al don't swing that way". He said he doesn't own a Barrack sex doll, but did admit to having a Michelle Blowup Doll. "I'd bring it, but it be real freaky lookin' and if I blowed it up it would be to big to fit in my office."

Surprisingly, on-air personalties, Chris Hayes and sock-puppet Touré both admitted they don't own a Barark Obama Blowup sex doll either, but did admit they do frequently enjoy each others company.