Monday, August 4, 2014

California Suffering from a Self Inflicted Crisis by its Very Own Liberal Progressive Politicians.

Y'all join me in welcoming to DMF Mr. Robert Janicki, formerly of 'Capitalist Preservation'. I have been an admirer of Rob's writing for a long while and am happy to announce Rob will be dropping by to class the joint up a little now and then. Rob is Owner Operator and HMFIC of the website Wired Right  
by Rob Janicki:

In the land of fruits and nuts, conservatives, and anyone with a sense of reason and logic, find themselves in an Alice in Wonderland scenario with the current statewide drought, which has now become a crisis and a political paradox or sorts.   

It should be noted at this point that the state of California is a virtual impregnatable bastion of liberal progressive politicians.  Every statewide elected office is held by a Democrat and not your daddy's Democrat either.  They are hard core liberal progressives in charge of every aspect of the political bureaucracy from appropriating expenditures in the legislature to actually spending the largess by a bureaucracy of entrenched Democrats holding sway in every state agency.

With that in mind, let's look at the most recent crisis at hand in California.  It's all about the water.  Only a fool and a liberal progressive would believe that this drought was not foreseen and thus state Democrats are not really responsible in their incompetent response.

California has been up against the "water wall", so to speak, since time immemorial.  Enlarging populations and expanding agricultural operations have always put California in a position of scrambling to find more water to satisfy the increasing needs of its constituent user groups.  The margin between having just enough water and having to ration water has always been paper thin.

Several elements caused by Democrats have mitigated against increasing California's water supply and any possible reserve.

In recent years the liberal progressive majority in the California legislature has voted down two Republican attempts to enact legislation to build two new reservoirs in central and southern California, the two areas most affected by drought, since they are inherently arid desert environments.

Meanwhile, the California legislature, lead by the erstwhile liberal progressive political Messiah, Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, continues to push for a "high speed rail project" to connect northern and southern California.  The project is underway and with each passing month the cost estimate of the project increases.  It is now estimated to cost over $100 billion dollars from a beginning estimate of under $50 billion dollars.  The project is known by its detractors as the railroad from nowhere to nowhere, a boondoggle worthy of 19th century thinking.  Imagine what a portion of this boondoggle expenditure could do to alleviate California's drought scenario going forward?

But, back to the future.  The liberal progressive political solution of sorts for the current drought is to tax and fine consumers for "excessive use" of water as determined by the very politicians that created the water shortage disaster. California's agricultural industry has already suffered immensely with over regulation of water usage, thus throwing over 25% of California's prime agricultural land use into non use.  Only a liberal progressive politician would come up with this brainstorm.  Penalize the consumer for the failure of liberal progressive politicians at the state and local level to address California's inherent and perrenial water shortage problem.  

Pure political genius.  Blame the victim.  A tactic right out of the liberal progressive political handbook.

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