Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Kim Jong Un

The North Korean Bureau of Middle Finger News Service

(MFNS - Pyongyang) - Today, February 8th in the year of their Supreme Leader 2015, the People of North Korea came together to celebrate the birthday of DPRK Leader Kim Jong-un. While the actual date of his birth is disputed, (some say January) Kim himself sets the date every year, and this year he chose today. 

The Supreme Leader rose early Sunday for his short daily walk to the Pyongyang  Thought Criminal Re-education Academy and back, and then a hearty breakfast before tweeting a birthday announcement to the world......

Because of the guidance and fatherly leadership of Kim, the prosperous North Korean people were able to give lovingly to a secret restoration project on portions of the People's Palace, as a birthday present to Kim.  Dear Leader was not expecting what was in store for him on this years birthday.....

A totally surprised Kim inspects his new tastefully decorated private bed chambers 
done up by North Korea's First Lady, Comrade Ri Sol-ju, with all the amenities including 
his and her double beds. 

Because of Kim's lengthy illness and disappearance from sight of his adoring people late last year, the Nork People built Kim a personal exercise facility with  state of the art  equipment to help their beloved leader's journey back to good heath and a long life. Kim seem very pleased.

But the big hit of this years celebration was the presentation of "The Peoples Pool"
Kim's very own private heated indoor swimming pool equipped with a special Russian designed heavy duty high capacity urine filtration system and a delightful
Caribbean beach decor.

After cake and ice cream, The Supreme Leader was treated to a parade in his honor by 
elite units of the North Korean Military Reserves

Western sources believe the fun filled celebration will continue 
throughout the month of February.