Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cambodian PM Tells First Lady To Put Up or Shut Up

She Stick Big Nose In Little People Business...

UPI The first lady's visit to Cambodia was part of the the White House's "Let Girls Learn" initiative but her cause rang hollow to Cambodia's outspoken prime minister.  Michelle Obama's tour of Asia to promote girls' education was marked by blunt criticism from Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who said the first lady was "playing around" and using hopeful rhetoric about making improvements but not guaranteeing aid.

The Phnom Penh Post reported that Hun Sen told  U.S. embassy personnel Wednesday that Obama's Saturday visit with 10 schoolgirls in the Cambodian city of Siem Reap, part of the White House's "Let Girls Learn" initiative, was good but not enough. He said the U.S. government should promise scholarships – if it sincerely seeks improvements to education reform in Cambodia. 

"Her mission is very good, but I suggest the United States should help completely and not play like this," the Cambodian prime minister said.  Obama's visit has led to a request from his education minister on Tuesday for state university scholarships for the 10 students who met with Obama on Saturday. 

"What if she chose 300 students? It would be death. I don't have that money to give....." 

MFNS Correspondent Earl of Taint covertly tagged along on the trip and captured these photos of Mooch's exotic Cambodian travels your 2014 tax bill helped to foot......

 Moochelle visits the amazing temple at Angkor Wat. FLOTUS is on the far left. 

Asking directions to rest rooms and snack bar,  monks broke their vow of silence with their screaming.