Monday, March 16, 2015

More Nonsense From The Nutsack of Congress


Rep Barbra Lee ( Dimwit-CA)

By Cheryl Chumley
The latest Democratic brainstorm is a "got to see it to believe it" piece of legislation aimed at stopping wars around the world – by creating a Department of Peacebuilding.
How very forward-thinking of the left. Or perhaps, more specifically, how forward-thinking of Rep. Barbara Lee, the California Democrat who devised the piece of legislation, H.R. 1111, with the creative fortitude to begin its descriptive text with reference to our Founding Father's vision for our nation, followed closely by quotes from the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution.
Only the boldest of Democrat could suggest the establishment of such a massively bureaucratic government venture by waving the very founding documents that pressed limited federal powers.
Points for Lee for the sheer impudence of it.
The cost? This bill calls for "such sums as may be necessary" for the newly created department, including what's needed for the various created offshoot offices to give out grant dollars to those schools and non-government groups desiring to be trained on all matters of peace.
The bill only has a handful of cosponsors – all Democrats, and more to truth, all the most leftist-of-left Deemocrats. And it's probably not going anywhere near the full House floor for a vote, at least while Republicans still hold the majority. But that's not really the point.
The larger issue is: Why do politicians always think they can solve all the world's problems?
Lee and her Department of Peacebuilding supporters no doubt truly believe that simply spreading the word of peace – by getting together and sitting down in a group, identifying problems, rationalizing solutions, hashing out consensus and shaking hands on an agreement – will somehow, miraculously, bring about a peaceful coexistence among all of humanity. But that's just na├»ve to the level of ridiculous. Not to mention dangerous; that's the mentality the Obama administration touts on all its foreign policy dealings with even those nations that want to harm the West.
It's that line of thinking that defies the truths about war and peace and the matters and motivations of human hearts. It negates the fact that true evil exists – and fails to recognize evil as the springboard for war. And it outright ignores common sense principles. In Lee's mind, and those of her cohorts, the solution to war is building a new government facility and creating a new federal bureaucracy and hiring new government workers who will talk and meet and give out taxpayer dollars so more government workers can talk and meet. 
It just doesn't make sense that making a new federal department -- and throwing money at a new government bureaucracy -- will purify the human heart to the point that worldwide peace prevails.
Editors Note: Ms. Lee represents a district that includes Berkley Ca. She graduated fron UC. Berkley in 1973 and went to work as a aid to Ron "RED" Dellums 1975, and later was elected to his seat. She is in her 9th term as a congress peoples, and has never held a public sector job. The above story should then be of no surprise.......