Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stompy Foot Refuses To Back Down From Calling Republicans Crazies

The White House said that President Stompy Foot doesn’t regret calling Senate Republicans crazies during a Democratic event in Las Vegas.  Obama called Republican lawmakers crazies while speaking about his friend and somewhat unstable Harry Reid: 
“It’s hard for me to express how much I love Harry Reid, but it’s easier to do it in a room of people who love Harry Reid. Harry and I drove over here together and we were doing a little reminiscing, and then figuring out how we’re going to deal with the crazies in terms of managing some problems. And then we talked about riding off into the sunset together.”
And that's a day most of us have waited for for a long time.... 

Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz made it clear that Obama isn’t going to back down from his remarks.  According to The Hill:
“He may have been a little glib in his language,” spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters. But asked if the president regrets his choice of words, Schultz replied no.”
Schultz said the president was taking aim at Republicans in Congress, who are locked in a budget stalemate with Democrats that could result in a government shutdown.
“If you take a step back … and look at what some Republicans have floated in Washington, whether that’s shutting down the government, whether that’s funding the government at sequester levels when the economy needs more support, he thinks those are reckless steps..." 
In other words, Obama stands by his point that the Republican agenda is nuts.

The President has evolved from trying to work with "the crazies" when Republicans took the control of the House of Representatives to trying to use the crazy to his advantage saying Republicans have manufactured an endless series of conspiracies and crisis.  Obama’s language could also be viewed as a strong message that he is not going to be engaging in any negotiations with Republicans over shutting down the government. This president, in his regal terms, won’t be their hostage.

It was earlier this month that Obama called out Republicans for aligning themselves with the death to America extremists in Iran who oppose the nuclear agreement. And who is he calling crazy?

Obama won’t negotiate with the crazies, and he is offering no regrets or apologies for telling the truth about the GOP. So There!