Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Biden to the Rescue.

White House Pins Hopes on Joe.
 Facing a revived Republican Party, the White House is
expected to increasingly deploy the Vice President. 

This is almost to good to be true!
According to the Chicago Tribune, despite constant gaffes insiders say the Vice President will take a higher profile position in dealing with the new Republican controlled Congress and a upfront spokesman for the President's policies to an unsatisfied electorate going forward to the 2012 election season.  Biden, it seems, is the Obama's Administration's secret weapon...... so to speak. 
"Biden's penchant for veering off message is being reevaluated inside the White House as a bridge to ordinary voters who appreciate blunt talk......." 
"Inside the White House, aides have developed a special Biden rule. Rather than squirm over the latest Biden gaffe, the administration treats it as plainspoken candor that may appeal to a portion of the electorate that is unmoved by Obama’s disciplined, explanatory rhetoric".......…
"The rest of the White House is coming around to the idea that sometimes what the vice president says that’s off-message is just a really blunt and colorful way of expressing a truth, and they should embrace that,” said an administration official who requested anonymity to speak more candidly about the matter."
"It's a big administration, and we can have more than one voice and more than one style," the official added.
Sounds more like a plan of preemptive damage control for the the equivalent of a human verbal wrecking crew. But having Biden out front could be very interesting indeed!
One of the best quotes yet about Biden's gaffes and famous "Foot in Mouth" problem comes from Republican strategist Kevin Madden....."Rhetorically, Biden is constantly getting ahead of his supply lines." 

 To be continued.....


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  1. This has more to do with the fact that Obama thinks people disagree with him and his policies because he's black. The White House thinks a white man would have better luck pushing the liberal agenda, even if he, too, is an idiot.

    The man just doesn't get it. But, yes, it will be very interesting.