Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From the Land of Obscurity.....

*EXCLUSIVE: Keith Olbermann Surfaces*
Reports from inside satellite channel 'Current TV ' say the new star of the network, former MSNBC flame thrower Keith Olbermann,  has been taking on random duties for his boss Al Gore while awaiting the still unscheduled airing of his new prime time show. 
Mr. Olbermann is seen here greeting guest at the Gore mansion at an Academy Award night dinner party Al Gore held for his celebrity and politician friends two weeks ago in California. 

It's been rumored for some time from the underside of the Current TV network operation that Mr. Olbermann has been required to take "extensive masseur training" as part of his contract obligations insisted on by Mr. Gore at the time of his hiring at the network. We are not quite sure why or what it has to do with Mr. Olbermanns new upcoming show.

Olbermann's new gig has been kept under tight raps, but is said to have been given a solid positioning in the lineup between the shows 'Kill It, Cook It, Eat It ' and 'Cooking in the Danger Zone '. 

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