Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bumbling Barry's Bodaciously Bad Week

First, before leaving on vacation state visit to Europe, our continent hopping fearless leader gets a big time political wedgie from visiting Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu in front of all the media. (excellent) 

Then while checkin' out all the redheaded cousins in Ireland, the tamales take their toll and 'The Beast' hits high center (no not the first lady, the official Limo) as they leave the embassy in Dublin. The crowds cheer. (The GM OnStar button performed flawless)

In London, while visiting Westminster Abby, Noble Laureate Obama signs the historic guest book for a grateful nation and dates it 2008? Figure that one out and get back to me. (That Ivy League education is bound to kick in soon......... right?)

And once again, our unprepared and in over his head fearless leader at a State banquet goes 'Full Biden' on the host and continues to toast the Queen of England, even after the orchestra starts to play 'God Save the Queen'. That's like yelling "screw you"in the middle of our National Anthem. Everyone stands there all British like and stares straight ahead. Jokes abound, but I'm not even going there because I'm now starting to feel a little embarrassed for this guy! (Sorry Elizabeth, we have to let stupid people vote here too.)

Lets all hope he has more success in the Eastern European part of his trip (snicker) and a safe ride home and leave it at that. (Like us, I'm sure he wishes he was out doing something safe, like golfing)


*Thank You Larwyn for the linkage


  1. DS,

    I pondered your question as to why Obama signed the guest book with the year 2008. It probably relates to the same cognitive dissonance that compelled him to say the U.S. had 57 states while campaigning, along with all his other Bidenesque like gaffs he's made when off teleprompter. What's really scary is that he has the presidential "football" (think nuclear war trigger) just a heartbeat away.

  2. Great post! Shared it at the A-C page. I honestly think he's a "high functioning" mentally challenged person. He kind of reminds me of Rainman the way he constantly repeats the same catch phrases over and over almost like he's got Tourette's or something.
    That 2008 thing may explain why he never stopped campaigning, but Atlas Shrugs suggested that perhaps he's had a mini-stroke or some other sort of brain damage. He does look sick.