Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally, a Bright Spot in Obama's Economy

While makers of cars, computers, the retail sector and practically everything else saw their fortunes plunge last week, in a  rare bright spot in an otherwise gloomy period for Wall Street, manufacturers of downward arrows posted record profits this week.  
Producers of downward arrows notched double-digit gains, inspiring investors to snap up their shares like never before.  Companies like National Plunging Arrow Corp. and Consolidated Downward Pointy Lines saw their shares rocket as investors rushed to participate in the suddenly red-hot red-arrow sector.

“We are seeing investors move out of Treasuries and Gold and into downward-arrow stocks,” said analyst Farley Boomster, who covers plunging trend-line manufacturers for Morgan Stanley. “At a time when the world is facing extreme uncertainty, the one thing we know for sure is that going forward there will be strong demand for downward pointy things.”

But the euphoria surrounding the plunging arrow sector may be short-lived, as some analysts caution that that investors’ mania for downward arrow stocks may be a bubble, with others warning that downward arrows are increasingly being manufactured in China, where the arrows are mass-produced using far cheaper labor.
 For his part, though, Morgan Stanley’s  Boomster sees a silver lining in such gloomy forecasts: “Even if people wind up losing billions of dollars investing in downward arrows, you know what? There’s only one way to show that.”



  1. I could just kick myself for not investing in this sooner :)

  2. My luck. Just another investment opportunity that got by me. With Obama at the helm of our economy, I should have known, going back to November 2008, that this industry was on the threshold of a boom period, at least until January 2013. Great reporting DS.

  3. Best laugh I've had all week. Thanks, DS.


  4. Maybe Warren Buffet will invest a couple of billion to turn the arrow in an imaginary upward trajectory.

    Obama/Biden/Buffet 2012: "No dollar left behind"

  5. "Obama/Biden/Buffet 2012: "No dollar left behind"

    Will,that is pure Genius!

  6. DS,
    I look at Barack and think, "Wow! What a good looking guy. Biden and Buffet should have had more kids."