Thursday, August 25, 2011

Report: Queen Michelle has Spent $10m Taxpayer Dollars on Vacations Alone in the Past Year

Robbie Cooper's take on the Frequent Flyer First Lady over at 

 "So much for the shared sacrifice and all that other bull shit that has been pouring out of the mouth of King Barrack Slayer of Growth™.

"This is the same woman who thinks that Air Force 2 and Marine 2 as the family mini-van. The same woman who took a separate plan to Martha’s Vineyard for their family vacation, instead of hopping on the same plane that her husband was on. Because she wanted to get their 4 freak’n hours earlier than her hubby."

 $10m in luxury vacations in just one year by Michelle. And the year’s not even over yet."

Read the story here.