Sunday, August 14, 2011

If Democrats Really Told the Truth.......

Just admit it, that's all I ask. Admit your ballot was cast for Barack Obama on November 4, 2008 so you could turn off your brain come January 20, 2009. You voted for him so future visits to the doctor wouldn't include the removing of your insurance card, driver's license and co-pay from your wallet and then presenting these items to the nurse/receptionist. You voted for Mr. Obama so you could walk into the office of any doctor and say, "ObamaCare".

Admit you attempt to shame people into believing this big bad world is too complex for conservatism. "Championing freedom and limited government isn't sufficient; we need complex solutions to complex problems," you say, hoping to force individuals to cheerfully give up their freedom for fear they'll otherwise be labeled stupid.  Admit you're so ignorant regarding money matters that you deem anyone suggesting you personally handle the investing of your salary "evil".
The Democrat Party is full of whiners who cry out, "Pass legislation that allows me to scratch health care from my list of complicated issues with which I must concern myself. Though I am able bodied, please make it possible for me live the life of a helpless invalid. Seriously, how about a bill that mandates the mailman actually place Netflix rental's in my DVD player."

Why can't liberals admit you just want to be average in every way? You want to spend a maximum of eight hours per weekday at work, then go home and watch mindless television until it's beddy-bye time. This is all you want out of life and freedom makes it impossible for you to proceed through such a vapid existence without worry. "Take away everyone's freedom to prosper so I have comfort in knowing my laziness will never land me in the poor house." 
You probably believe your big government solutions  to helping the masses are heroic, but how often do Herculean motion picture protagonists shout, "I will put down my weapons and wait for an elected official to get me out of this seemingly unsolvable circumstance!" 
Conservatives understand there will be differences of opinion, but we strenuously object to liberals fibbing for the express purpose of convincing the ignorant masses that they're not trying to control the entire population. You often hear President Obama and Vice President Biden claim to be proponents of freedom, yet, for the first time in her history, citizens of the United States will soon be forced to purchase a product.

They can't have it both ways.

Is anybody better off than they were two years ago? Can anybody imagine how bad things will be after two additional years with Obama at the reigns? He threw billions of dollars at a problem with a private sector solutions, on the verge of a debt fiasco. Instead of leading, he played golf and left the important decisions up to other people.  He is now in his 3rd year of office, and the W. excuse is running real thin. Now he is shifting the blame on the Tea Party, a group whose only sin is organizing, demonstrating, and demanding that the government stop running a deficit. To use a football analogy, Obama took a 6-10 Bush economy and turned it into a 2-14 team.
As President, Obama is about as popular as a Cowshit sandwich, and shows all the political skill of a deaf and blind amputee gearing up to play a piano concerto. He will need that same misinformed masses that came out for him 3 years ago to come out again, if he wants to keep his job.


  1. OMG ... You certainly know how to put a smile on my face! I wish I could send a few of those sandwiches you mention to Martha's Vineyard this week. ")

  2. "You voted for him so future visits to the doctor wouldn't include the removing of your insurance card, driver's license and co-pay from your wallet and then presenting these items to the nurse/receptionist."

    Right you are! In the pre-Obamacare days, my husband's physical therapist (a genuine medical professional) told me that she couldn't wait for Obamacare so she wouldn't have to check the "I'm still alive" box on her health insurance form once a year.

    I wonder if she's come to the realization that Obamacare means someone else will get to check the "Let's not permit her to have that expensive surgery" box on their form.

    Happy to add your blog to my link list.

  3. Hey! Way to steal an artist's work and misrepresent the entire focus of the comic! Might want to remove that webcomic up there which you have mis-labeled as yours by branding it with the URL to this cesspool.

    1. It was lifted from google images, untagged and quite different looking because it has been altered significantly by me. Thus my tag.

      BTW...does your mom still do that thing with her tongue....oh man!