Monday, August 8, 2011

This is all I'm going to say about it.

By Matthew of The Lunatic's Asylum 
In the past I have chosen to remain silent, with only a few exceptions, about Islam in America, and specifically the controversy regarding the proposed mosque close to ground zero in New York. I wanted to do my research rather then just shooting off an uninformed opinion as many seem to have done. Having spent some time in N.Y. over the past few months, I looked indepth for myself.

The vaulted media have told me peaceful muslims are only trying to build mosques and go about their daily lives in peace, but find themselves discriminated against and unfairly singled out by the government because they're 'different'. The leftwing blogs cry Congressional hearings on American Muslims groups are  unfortunate examples of a rising tide of fear that lead to intolerance and inequality. 
 *climbs on soapbox*
I'm sorry,  I can not  not agree with the sappy leftist point of view who continue to imply that the suspicion and anger generated by Islamic terrorism is somehow unwarranted, and that innocent people of the "Religion of Peace" are being discriminated against.

Are there specific reasons why certain muslim groups should be given this level of scrutiny, and indeed, engender this sort of paranoia?   

Let's take a look, shall we.  

I think you will find it wasn't Hindus who rammed hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  Buddhists are not currently lobbing unguided rockets and mortar shells into Israeli residential neighborhoods while simultaneously calling for genocide as a precursor to 'Peace'.  Shintos aren't boarding buses or walking into crowded marketplaces with explosives strapped to their bodies, to detonate amidst scores or hundreds of innocents, shouting 'Allah u Akbar!" just before they detonate.

You will not find Presbyterians throwing acid in little girls' faces because they want to go to school, or mutilating their daughter's clitorises against their will and I'm certain there aren't many Catholics out there kidnapping journalists and then beheading them on the Internet. I rather doubt Lutherans are going about planting IED's, which kill and maim indiscriminately.  How many Muslims believe that Christians and Jews currently living inside Muslim nations have any human rights whatsoever, if, indeed, Jews are to be considered human at all. 

When it comes to Muslims building mosques, they seem to have a penchant for being both quite selective about where they build them, and quite obnoxious about it, too.  If you've ever read any history, you'll soon discover that Muslims have a nasty habit of building their mosques on the holy ground of their defeated enemies; the Hagia Sofia, the Dome of the Rock, the Alhambra, just to mention a few. You can look it up. The idea is to not only declare the victory and glory of Allah, but to also signal to the defeated that their culture is also being destroyed. It's as 'in your face' as it's possible to get. 

The Ground Zero mosque is no different. Building a mosque at that site is more or less allowing Islam to build a victory monument. Less well-known are the several attempts to build mosques on Staten Island, in which Muslim groups have insisted on purchasing property which belongs to other faiths, despite the fact that there's empty real estate laying all over the place. The original plan to build a new mosque in a former Catholic school/Convent was defeated by community pressure, but Muslims simply moved up the road and bought property which was once a Hindu temple. 

I believe in Religious Freedom for all, I do not believe terrorism and intimidation has any part in religion or freedom!   As for the Congressional hearings, the U.S. Constitution was never intended to be a suicide pact and common sense must reign sometimes, even if doing so skirts the edges of Constitutional principles. 

I have read their "Holy Book"  and seen their hate filled signs as they protest against and threaten the very European cultures that welcomed them with open arms. So far as I'm concerned, they've played their hand and showed their cards. Until Muslims are routinely turning in their crazy uncles, sons and imams before they explode, I will continue to view them as an enemy inside the gates and deserve all the scrutiny they get.

Edited by Diogenes Sarcastica 


  1. Well said! Shared at that page I run at facebook, here:

  2. I could not have said it better myself.

    Islam will never be a "religion of peace" until it goes through a bloody Reformation where its own followers wipe out all the nut jobs in it, or until us non-followeres are forced to "nuke them all"...

  3. According to Bernard Lewis, one of the leading experts on Islam, Muslims not only build their mosques on lands that were once sacred, but once those mosques are built the land below and around them becomes Dar al Islam. Once that transition occurs it can never be reversed. It is why they still believe that they own Spain and much of the Balkans and Israel, and Lebanon. Allow them to build on the toe of Manhattan and they will have a toehold from which they will spread over the entire city just as they have in many European cities which are now Muslim enclaves.