Friday, December 16, 2011

Congress Overturns Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

Congressional negotiators struck a deal Thursday that overturns the new rules that were to have banned sales of traditional incandescent light bulbs beginning next year.

That agreement is tucked inside the massive 1,200-page spending bill that funds the government through the rest of this fiscal year, and which both houses of Congress will vote on Friday. Mr. Obama is expected to sign the bill, which heads off a looming government shutdown.

Congressional Republicans dropped almost all of the policy restrictions they tried to attach to the bill, but won inclusion of the light bulb provision, which prevents the Obama administration from carrying through a 2007 law that would have set energy efficiency standards that effectively made the traditional light bulb obsolete.
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  1. Unfortunately, the enviro-Nazis in California enacted legislation outlawing those same 100 watt light bulbs beginning January 1, 2012.

    I expect to see Amazon and other out of California internet sellers realizing a landslide business in selling 100 watt light bulbs to Californians.

    If government can tell a law abiding citizen what kind of light bulbs they can buy and use, they can herd people into ghettos for their own protection and confiscate personal and real property in the name of the state for health and safety purposes or whatever.

    Welcome to Gulag California folks, soon to be seen spreading to other liberal enclaves near you, until it becomes an all consuming cancer on our country.

  2. The Pubes won nothing on this issue. It's basically a reprieve. They successfully $defunded$ the implementation of this of legislation. It's not overturned, no way, no how.
    It's sitting there waiting for $$$ to implement the ban.
    All it will take is another omnibus bill that has the funding cleverly tucked in amongst 2,000+ pages, that nobody bothers to read before voting on.
    Anyhoo, what company in the U.S. is going to take this temporary lull seriously and begin manufacturing incandescent light bulbs with this legislation still dangling over there heads?


  4. Will, no one is going to ramp up bulb factories, but some ones going to make a killing importing incandescent bulbs from eastern Europe. Ever bought a Polish manufactured light bulb? The freakin' things last forever. The one in my garage is 7 years old and comes on every time the door goes up.