Sunday, December 18, 2011

Test Raise e-reader Health Concerns

Middle Finger New Service - The battle for consumers of the popular 7 inch e-reader/tablet market heated up again today when book giant Barnes and Noble announced  the results of independent bench tests of their major competitor, the Amazon 'Kindle Fire'. A spokesperson for B&N told us the Kindle fire, a poorly designed knock-off of their own e-reader the 'Nook', has not only been panned by the tech media as being slow and buggy, but their own extensive user test results show the Kindle Fire also causes Butt Cancer.

Amazon, who introduced the Kindle Fire earlier the month called the rumor poppycock, but said they too had been conducting test on B&N's top of the line 'Nook' and were to announce tomorrow  they found with continuing use, the Nook indeed caused "impotence in men" and "mutations in children". A B&N spokesperson said "Bullshit!"

This follows stories in tech circles of late about many complaints by Apple iPad users of incidences of falling arches, incontinence and bad breath.

Professor of English Literature, Emo T. Rinker PHD of Dalesdale University told Middle Finger News "this whole electronic book trend is disturbing and the work of the devil's own hand. The worst that could happen with a traditional printed book is a paper cut or a flat ass from sitting to long."

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