Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday music from Hell: Billy Idol sings ‘White Christmas’

Doc Marten meets Dean Martin in Billy Idol’s plodding version of ‘White Christmas,” which has all the appeal of a Christmas stocking full of steaming reindeer crap. The musicians backing him sound like a German wedding band after an afternoon of knocking back steins of Hefeweizen at the local beer garden. It don’t mean a thing if ain't got that swing and these cats couldn't swing if they were hanging from a lamp post in a hurricane.


  1. Yikes! Is "Have a Snarling, Snarling Christmas" on the album too?

  2. With a rebel yell, I'm crying, no more, no more, no more!

  3. Sentimental old me. Who knew White Christmas had a snarling edge to it? This is enough to make Santa slit his wrists with a rusty razor blade.