Monday, December 26, 2011

Best of Uncle Joe Biden 2011

Joe Biden has given us some of the most memorial moments in the Obama Administration over the last three years. We have all come see him like a National Treasure, something that should be locked away for safe keeping and let out on special occasions. Here is a sample of the collection of our reports on Uncle Joe from the last year for your 2011 rear review mirror.

* Biden Leads Vacation Intervention Group
* Meanwhile, back on the Campaign Trail......
* Biden Unleashed on America
* Picture of the Week.
* Anybody Seen Joe Biden?
* On the Road with Joe Biden
* Bo and Joe Set to Hit the Silver Screen
* Joseph R. Biden Railroad Station Christened
* Now Leaving Gate 37.....The Crazy Train.
* Joe Biden Performs at 2011 Grammy  Awards
* Joe Biden on the Unrest in the Mideast.
* Obamas have Chinese for Dinner


  1. Now this IS funny! Thanx so much for recapping some of Uncle Joe's moments.

  2. More like a gut busting laugh provoking post. Joe probably didn't realize how close he came to being called "Stumpy" after that little move on the trooper.