Saturday, March 24, 2012

Google Creates New Social Network for Al Quaeda

Google's New Goats +
Google Inc., in it's never ceasing quest for advertising revenue today announced it's new social  network "Goats + " geared toward the terrorists organization, Al Quaeda, hiding  in mountain caves and dessert hideaways.

Google spokesman Ben Sputt said "todays announcement marks the first chapter in Google's humanitarian phase, reaching out to a population that because of security reasons are not fortunate enough to be able to use the normal social networking platforms such as Facebook or Google +  as way to stay in touch with friends and lovers in the goat community."

 Al Quaeda freedom fighter, Ahmed Al Sahiit, thanked Google in an encoded dispatch to the Mountain View, California headquarters released to the media in a press briefing today saying " it's very cold and lonely up in the mountain caves, and sometime our trusted goats are our only warmth and Lovers. It is good to be able to stay in touch, after they find new companionship, with our favorite goats after being separated due to helicopter raids or  falling  bombs from the air by the filthy running dog imperialist infidels. We find the kindness and concern of the infidels at Google almost heartwarming. Praise be to Allah."

Google is rumored to have promised new high level closed loop security for Goats + communication in return for copious amounts of advertising revenue from the Mideast economies heretofore unreachable.

Al Quaeda leader, Ayman Al Zawahiri, was not available for comment, but is rumored to be jubilant at the announcement.