Saturday, April 14, 2012

MoonBats on Parade File

Moonbat Guano for 4/14/2012 - Just in case ya missed it...

* "Rommey wants to go back to when women and blacks couldn't vote."
   Lunacy reigns supreme at MSNBC

* "She has never gotten her ass out of the house to work at 7am"
   This shouldn't bother you Bill, neither do your hookers.

* "I'm a CCOKC"
  Wash your mouth out with soap - Intolerant washed-up child actors.

* The Crisco Kid gets a makeover
  Yeah, that's really going to help!

* "Naked Vermont governor almost eaten by bears".
  No further comment needed here.....just read.


  1. Two points.
    1) It's impressive what vigorous analystic capacities these ( lib ) people display when hearing a Rep. speak and how creative ( subjective ) their interpretation becomes.
    Same is true when they are in defense of a Dem. speaker.

    2) They must be called progressive for even I can't keep up their pace of changing points of view and different, not to say " opposite" ( oops) takes on as good as every subject.
    Or ... is this why they are called liberals, exercising the individual liberty of expressing
    personal takes as truths to the American audience?

    My most sincere apologies for being too steadfast to follow your ever changing points of view, takes and standards, dear Democrats.

  2. I enjoyed the quick links and especially the one to DWS and her new look.

  3. With the Wingnuts running wild this election season, it may be a regular feature.....

  4. The election isn't over until the Fat Libby gaffes! - Hilary Rosen.