Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Presidential Q&A I'd Love To Hear....

By Matthew@The Lunatic's Asylum
The Scene: President Frequent-Flyer-Miles has just hopped off the golf course, and is attending another of those staged-political-event-cum-Nuremberg-rallies of his, this time in the crucial swing state of (insert name of state with large percentage of complete doofuses who voted for this jerkoff the last time around).
He is introduced by the local democratic congresscritter with a gusto that is entirely forced, and probably lubricated by at least a fifth of Johnny Walker Black, and enters the room to the sounds of free-malt-liquor-and-skittles-enhanced applause from a crowd of people who wouldn't understand a word he will eventually say if you gave them a continuous, three-week-long Miriam-Webster enema beforehand.
The President has come to speak about a whole buncha things today, but as always, the most important points (in that they are the least intellectually defensible and defy common logic) have been loaded into the teleprompter first, will be glossed over quite quickly, and are intended to be consumed mostly by the press who will spend long hours, drooling and navel gazing, attempting to glean some sort of intelligence from the catchphrases. Finding none, they will be more than happy to make some up later on....
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