Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Behind Every Successful Man..........."

Diogenes - Thursday 6/21

None of us know her fundamental beliefs except that almost everything in Michelle’s Obama's life prior to her taking up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was critical of just about everything American.
I have no hatred for Michelle Obama, only contempt and disgust. She and her husband are a unintended consequence of political correctness and a perfect example of what happens when the race card is allowed to trump common sense, tradition, and patriotism. She's far more interested in self-gratification, shopping trips, extravagant vacations, a fawning press, and has cost the taxpayer untold millions.
The Obama presidency is a fluke, a hiccup caused by white guilt and black ignorance, an experiment that's gone awry and needs to be shut down in November while there's still enough time to give ourselves the antidote to their misguided pestilence.
And I'm sure the clowns will be glad to get their clothes back........


  1. DS most excellent review ans summation of this disgusting woman. I actually may dislike like her more than her husband. As a U.S. military veteran and a patriot of America, her open contempt for America is more than I can take.

    I cannot wait for November to get here so we can show these elitist wannabes the door. The fact we will have to pay for Secret Service protection for these people for the rest of their lives makes me ill.

  2. You've got the wrong end of that Elephant spraying on Moochelle.