Monday, June 18, 2012

Obama's Law Mentor Speaks

Diogenes - Monday 6/18

 "President Obama must be defeated in November"
But not for the reasons you might think.....

Over the weekend, you may have noticed an article at the Huffington Post about how one of Barack Obama’s former professors at Harvard Law, Roberto Mangabeira Unger, proclaimed that the president “must be defeated” in a YouTube video titled “Beyond Obama,” but did you actually watch the video and listen to what he had to say?
Barack Obama took courses in “Jurisprudence” and “Reinventing Democracy” with Professor Unger at Harvard Law School, and you just know that he’s had to have seen this video by now which was made in May before the bold pivot to the left with last week’s unexpected Presidential Order on the children of illegal immigrants.
He might come off as a bit of a humorless, pompous ass, sure, but don’t hold that against a Harvard professor!


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  1. I took the punishment and listened to Ducklips the Progtard so you don't have to...

    ...go to the 6:10 mark for the 'money shot'.