Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mitt Romney: You Can Win This Election

From one of my favorites - Fuzzy Slippers

Fact 1: 0 is two seconds away from a full-on, total and complete meltdown. He’s someone who craves, thrives on, gets fuel from adoring masses. Those adoring masses have shrunk. A lot. They’re worried they can’t even fill the stadium for his acceptance speech, for goodness’ sake. He gets second billing to clown shows or something. This isn’t new; I remember when he dashed into Massachusetts to “save” Croakley from Scott Brown (didn’t happen, of course), and they couldn’t even fill a crap-sized auditorium at Northeastern University. They were having trouble giving out free tee-shirts. Sad.
And nothing has improved since then. 0 has turned into exactly what the “youth vote” hate: a cynical politician dedicated to cronyism and the DC status quo . . . oh, blahdy blah, we know 0 is, easily, the worst president in my lifetime, and arguably, the worst we’ve ever had.
He knows it, too. He probably knows that four years into his leadership, Hitler still had the German people in his thrall. So 0′s dying to get out there with his real message, the one he truly, to his heart of hearts, soul of souls believes is the right message: that at some point you’ve made enough money, that it really is better for everyone if the wealth is spread around, that quite frankly, you didn’t build that. He believes all this to the core of his commie being. And he’s dying to tell us; he’s an ideologue, after all. Give him his wish, his Howard Dean “scream.” He’s on the edge. A little push will shove him right into full-blown commie mode. Give him his chance to make the case that he really wants to make: that America is evil, that capitalism is the bane of the world, that . . . oh, what the hell ever. Let him tell America what he believes, let him tell America who he is. Just push that button, he’ll melt down. It’ll be funny. And you’ll win.
Fact 2: 0′s record sucks.

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