Tuesday, August 7, 2012

They're Called the Left Because They're Never Right

Talk Straight



  1. Just days before the Chick-fil-A controversy hit a fever-pitch, Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love” brought tens of thousands of Americans — many of them Christians — to Dallas, Texas, to worship, serve and restore. Through the “Day of Service,” these individuals rebuilt homes, renovated churches, fed the poor and engaged in other activities that “Jesus actually said to do.”

  2. Didn't Joe Biden give $300.00 to charity last year?

  3. It's the idiots on the left I NEVER see lining up to help the poor, minister to those in prison, give a very large percentage of their money to ministry, help others rebuild for disaster relief, etc, etc (well - hardly ever unless it's photo op to make them look good).

  4. Christians compared to the secular donate more to charities by an order of magnitude.

    Statists believe that welfare cheques are all that is required to address poverty, soullessly and surgically, with no human contact required.