Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama May be Forced into Becoming a Politician Yet


President Obama is engaged in forcing a change in the foreign policy agenda of the U.S. with his pivot toward Asia. He is currently in the middle of a historic trip to Southeast Asia this despite the ongoing turmoil back home with his embroiled former CIA Director David Petraeus. Historic due to the first visit to Burma ever by a U.S. President. Controversial because he has yet to visit Israel. This speaks volumes about where the priorities of this President truly lie.

While he may have thought his second term would present an opportunity to double down on enacting his agenda, the events around the globe may quickly derail his plans. The dynamic situation in the Middle East will likely force him to become a politician more than he had planned. Not the type of development one would like when they are focused on legacy building instead.

An unexpected announcement from a top Iraqi diplomat isn’t helping. From
 Fox News.

“Iraq will invite (Arab) ministers to use the weapon of oil, with the aim of asserting real pressure on the United States and whoever stands with Israel,” Qais al-Azzawy told reporters in Cairo on Friday.
The story goes on with these statements.
Then there was this statement from the Turkish PM.
Those who associate Islam with terrorism close their eyes in the face of mass killing of Muslims, turn their heads from the massacre of children in Gaza,” Erdogan said, according to Reuters. “For this reason, I say that Israel is a terrorist state, and its acts are terrorist acts.” 
These statements may come as a surprise to the casual observer. After all, it was the U.S. that liberated Iraq from its ruthless dictator Sadaam Hussein. Iraq’s position doesn’t seem to be one of gratitude toward the United States. You also may recall that the first person Obama called after his election in 2008 was the Turkish PM.

As we like to say here in America, ‘elections have consequences’. In the case of Iraq, as well as several other Arab Spring countries, so does our policy of regime change abroad. Iraq is now primarily influenced by the Shiites of Iran. Nobody mentions that in the ‘we liberated Iraq’ brochures. Egypt is now under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. Rulers have also been forced from power in Tunisia, where the Arab Spring began, Libya and Yemen. Bashad of Syria is the next to fall. Lebanon and Jordan, which is the last Israeli friendly country in the region, will likely follow suit.

Here is where is gets sticky for President Obama. He has to balance his outward appearance of being a Christian as well as representing the interests of the United States with his true inner beliefs supporting Islam. They are not at all compatible. We’ll soon find out just how good a politician he really is if he can continue to keep both sides at bay.

These are some very inconvenient truths for many Americans. Some will refuse to believe that we can have a sitting President who supports Islam, believes in the destruction of Israel, and portrays himself as a Christian. His actions and policies betray him. You may not have a problem with some of his positions, particularly on social issues domestically. It would be far preferable for him just to own up to his core beliefs and then gauge what level of support Americans have toward him. But he can’t. He must hold the office to futher his beliefs and that requires the deception.

We’ve all heard the occasional soundbites of him professing his Muslim upbringing. He slips up now and then when off-prompter but the media is quick to cover for him. The simple fact is you cannot profess true Christianity with his support of abortion and gay rights. I’ll not even touch on the many conspiratorial angles to his true Islamic beliefs. It simple isn’t necessary. His statements and actions make it so.

It’s no coincidence that he hasn’t visited Israel. It’s no coincidence that he has publicly supported the Arab Spring. It’s no coincidence that he has increased aid to Palestine. It’s no coincidence that he’s pushing his pivot toward Asia policy to reduce our Middle East presence.

One must keep in mind what Obama’s Islamist beliefs allow. Deception in the name of Allah is permitted and encouraged. He cannot be the President of the United States proclaiming his true beliefs. Anti-colonialism doesn’t really sell all that well when you’re the President.

Benghazi further illustrates how far he’ll go. The media focus is all about the cover-up. He couldn’t allow the Al-Qaeda resurgence to derail his re-election campaign. But the true tragedy is what led up to Benghazi.The covert operation to supply arms and fighters to the insurgents. Not just in Syria either. Munitions have also been funneled to Hamas and have ended up being used against Israel. We have 4 dead Americans but there are many thousands dead throughout the Middle East. How many are the direct result of U.S. intervention, we’ll never know.

Do you know what Obama was doing during the Benghazi attack? He was on the phone with Israeli PM Netanyahu. Coincidence? Hardly. Not when our Ambassador was allowed to die after Israel became aware of our arms shipments making their way to Hamas. Israel may have tolerated arms to Syria despite being fully aware the Free Syrian Army is merely the next variation of the Muslim Brotherhood lying in wait to assume control in Syria. But not to Hamas. Why did 4 Americans die? It’s likely that Obama threw Stevens under the bus as having gone rogue on the Hamas connection to appease Israel. When he became aware of the impending attack, he let it happen to gain cover from Israel when it was almost certainly the Obama policy all along to ship arms to Hamas.

As I said previously, the true intentions of Obama are very hard for some to stomach. But his track record exposes him. If you aren’t on board yet, we’ll see how you feel after 4 more years. That’s 8 years too late. 



  1. During the debates with Romney, Obama emphatically stated that his first foreign trip after his election would be to Israel. He has just returned from southern Asia, sending Clinton to Israel instead. Perhaps Netanyahu has banned him from the country. That would've been my move.

    A liar is seldom welcomed anywhere.

    1. He doesn't want the embarrassment on the demonstrations that would occur if he did show up...