Friday, January 4, 2013

Liberals, Labels, and Diversity

Talk Straight
"I find it truly hilarious watching liberals attempt to insult a conservative. The majority results in calling the said conservative person ugly, mentally handicapped, homosexual, transsexual, any kind of abnormal condition, or they insult the person’s race. Its ironic because they treat their liberal ideology as if its the most supportive of diversity including all sexualities, mental & physical abnormalities, and racial diversity. Why then do they use these labels as insults?"
"If Liberals really were the most accepting group they wouldn’t use these labels to offend those who disagreed with their agenda. Conservatives on the other hand, treat everyone the same. While we don’t really care what you do, how different you are (unless it directly effects us), or what your background is. Liberals enjoy labeling, to insult or to attract those who identify with a label. Thus creating division. And while they glorify this bit of division, if you think outside of their beliefs you are rejected. Its this type of controlling belief system that has led to disrespect of diverse ideology and diversity altogether. Look different, act different, but don’t you dare support conservative beliefs or your labels will become insults."

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