Monday, August 26, 2013

Chelsea Clinton: "I personally am obsessed with diarrhea”

via NewsBusters
"Joe Conason is still trying to be the number one journalistic
ring-kisser to the Clinton family. His latest effort is fawning all over Chelsea Clinton, the humanitarian (and occasional NBC News correspondent.) He complained on her behalf that “the political press still seems far more inclined to ruminate over her supposed ambitions rather than report her real concerns.”

 Chelsea is Nobel Prize material, Conason wants you to know, with global concerns that include, “among other things, an unshakable obsession with diarrhea.” In a Third World, sense of course:
 [S]he is willing to confess that “I personally am obsessed with diarrhea”—meaning the symptoms of waterborne disease that leads to diarrhea, dehydration and death for millions of children annually across Africa. Aside from her growing experience in the field, she holds a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University. “I wish that someone wanted to talk about diarrhea and why I think we really have the chance to eradicate diarrhea, even before every country across the African continent or across the world has strong public health systems of sanitation and clean water.... Yes, I wish the mainstream media were interested in things like our growing work in diarrhea or the work that we’re doing in agriculture or the work we’re doing on HIV/AIDS and how important that is.”
Conason was one of the ogling correspondents who traveled to Africa with Chelsea and her father Slick Willie, and this is where the goo really began to flow freely, on how the press fails to give the Clintons enough credit for their work in Africa:
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  1. Damn I wonder if Chelsea got the number of that bus. You know the one that ran over her face.